Lloyds Rota, a leading lifting and handling solutions provider to international steel, water, rail, aerospace and construction industries. We can provide you with a complete design and manufacturing solution to your lifting or materials handling problem, whether it is for a one-off item or a turnkey project. From site survey through to proof load testing and commissioning we maintain full control of the operation and ensure your best interests are always paramount.

For any Design, Manufacturing and Refurbishment enquiries, please contact, Steve Reece, Director on 0121 506 4650 or 07836 200 639. Alternatively, email him direct at:

Bespoke Equipment

Rota 's designers are experienced in producing pneumatic, hydraulic, motorised and manual equipment. Therefore, when our customers contact our sales or design team with an unusual lifting or handling situation, we are able to apply a wealth of talent and experience to provide a tailored solution.

It is due to our in-house design and years of experience that Rota has built a solid reputation for providing solutions to end users and to companies within the lifting industry.

Cranes and Monorails

Our expertise extends across the full spectrum of steel fabrication including crane and floor tracks, runways and free standing gantries.

We can offer a range of solutions including straight forward monorails, single or double girder, underslung or top running cranes. We also offer more complex solutions with track switches, turntables, drop sections and latching devices depending on your specific requirements and applications. Control functions may be local push button pendant station, remote radio control, control console or alternatively linked to Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) for a fully automatic and integrated system.

Lifting Beams

Lloyds British specialise in designing, manufacturing and testing many different solutions to meet your individual lifting requirements, whilst complying with the appropriate legislation and regulations. As well as developing lifting attachments, we have been successful in applying our expertise to other problems faced by customers. If you have a project that requires a way of being moved, lifted, turned, accessed, guarded or covered our Design Team can provide a solution to your problem.

Platforms and Staircases

We are able to design, manufacture and install platform and staircase structures as an individual requirement, or as part of a load bearing/lifting scheme.

These can be constructed giving access to high level areas and lifting equipment or can be free standing for operational procedures required on site, for example a docking structure.

All structures are individually designed to meet our customers requirements and to comply with relevant standards.

Swing Jibs

Lloyds British design and manufacture Swing Jib Cranes to suit specific customer requirements. Depending on the type of application they can be mounted onto a suitable concrete base, structural columns, pillars, walls or directly onto machinery.
* Designed to BS7333
* Simple lightweight to heavy duty swing jibs available
* Our range includes Underbraced, Overbraced, Wall Mounted or Knuckle type swing jibs
* Slew to suit including 360º
* Manual or powered slew available * Suitable holding down bolts supplied if required
* Electrical kits available

* Can be supplied with Hand Chain Hoists, Electric Chain Hoists or Electric Wire Rope Hoists.
* Finished to specific customer requirements depending on the indoor or outdoor environment of the jib.


The Rotadavit provides a simple portable method of lifting a load vertically, when used in conjunction with a chain block, ratchet lever hoist or winch and can be easily assembled.
* Designed to BS 7333.

* Standard range of Rotadavits available * Or made to customer specification * Superior design swings loads easily even when fully loaded * Choice of davit type * Choice of sockets * Lower SWL / radius, easily transportable by one operator * Occupies minimum space for transport * Fully tested and certifie * Supplied with slave hook * Galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461 * Can be manufactured in Stainless Steel * Can be supplied to suit your existing davit socket arrangement