Coil & Sheet Handling


Lloyds Somers designs, manufactures and supplies a variety of coil handling and manipulation equipment. This includes: C Hooks, Coil Handling Beams, Bore Vertical Automatic Coil Tongs, Floor and Crane Mounted Coil Tilters. As the first choice supplier to the steel and aluminium industries, our equipment is designed for heavy steelworks duty, including our proven range of Telescopic Coil Lifters, which can be equipped with Coil Touch Sensing Technology to help minimise coil contact and maximise product yield. 

Lloyds Somers Sheet Pack Lifters provide a safe alternative to manual plate hooks or clamps. The Sheet Pack Lifters can be manual or motorised, parallelogram or telescopic in design, extended manually or be powered to accommodate a huge range in width, depth and length of Sheet Pack. The powered versions are ideal for lorry loading as the need to access the vehicle bed is removed allowing the crane driver and any other personnel to operate the equipment from a safe distance.

Why work with Lloyds Somers?

Offering lifting equipment and handling solutions since 1866, we:

  • Have a design team with a collective experience of more than 100 years.

  • Have created 1000's bespoke and purpose-designed below the hook lifting devices.

  • Have listened to our clients to evolve and develop our products with client requirements in mind.

  • Are constantly reviewing and incorporating beneficial proven new technologies into our designs.

  • Design all items to the latest British Standards, allowing for the application of the UKCA mark to be provided on your equipment.

  • Design and manufacture products following our in-house procedures, which are accredited to BS ISO 9001:2015.
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