Automatic Gravity Scissor Tongs


Lloyds Somers create and construct bespoke Automatic Scissor Tongs for handling a wide range of components. Originally developed for Somers Handling’s own use handling hot components and ingots within the company forge over 100 years ago. The Lloyds Somers team are experts in creating and constructing bespoke Automatic Scissors Tongs. 

Our design team can help to create a suitable tong for any application, considering all component and external factors such as material hardness, surface condition, friction coefficient, component temperature and environmental conditions, while incorporating our ultra-reliable Lloyds Somers Automatic Mechanism. This extremely hard wearing and durable sequencing device will hold the tong levers open in the ready to lift position and automatically indexes on contact with the component to allow the levers to close onto and grip the component allowing safe and hands-free operation.

Automatic Mechanism Operating Sequence

In instances where the crane capacity is a limiting factor, our tongs can be designed from high-yield steels to minimise size and self-weight.

Discovering your solution with Lloyds Somers

Working with a range of companies since 1866, we can help you to:

  • Create a bespoke, unique solution to your handling issue, with the help of our design team that have over 100 years of collective experience.

  • Utilise current technologies, ensuring that your solution is modern.

  • Stay compliant with British Standards, as we create all of our products under every regulation you need to comply with.

  • Create the perfect bespoke Automatic Gravity Scissor Tongs that work for you and your team.


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