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Lloyds British offers a range of testing and inspection services to ensure regulatory compliance. Advantages of keeping equipment regularly tested and inspected include extending the length of service, as well as maintaining maximum safety levels for your employees.

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Inspection Services

access equip
Access equipment

We frequently inspect and certify access equipment including, but not limited to: ladders, steps, walkways, platforms, mobile elevated work platforms, cherry pickers and scissor lifts.

plant equip
Plant Equipment

Lloyds British inspections and certifications of plant equipment include, but are not limited to: excavators, diggers, fork lift trucks, mobile cranes and telehandlers.

industrial doors
Industrial Doors

Our highly qualified and competent inspection engineers are capable of inspecting and certifying industrial doors including, but not limited to: roller shutter doors, hangar doors and sectional overhead doors.

Specialist Testing

Mechanical Testing

Our comprehensive facilities allow us to undertake a vast range of mechanical tests. These include:

  • Lifting equipment testing to meet any safety standards or quality standards
  • Routine testing of chain and rope, to destruction (if necessary)
  • Verification or calibration of safe working load (SWL), for all types of lifting appliances from cranes to winches
  • Specially fabricated structures tested for all industries, including nuclear
  • Testing of ships and oil rig mooring anchors and a wide range of testing in ports and docks
  • Testing of mobile cranes, fork lift trucks, lorry-mounted cranes, tail lifts, breakdown trucks etc.
  • Testing to meet the specialised needs of any customer, including oil and gas industries
  • Floor loading tests
  • Testing of passenger walkways and linkspans
  • Testing crush barriers, balustrades, street decorations, maintenance & window cleaning equipment
  • Safety harness anchorage point testing.

Pressure Testing

Lloyds British offers the complete pressure systems service. Options include:

  • Pressure testing carried out using equipment and procedures approved to relevant BS Standards or customer requirements
  • Mobile testing for on-site work
  • Complete de-commissioning, repair and re-commissioning service where required
  • Comprehensive range of supplementary techniques available, such as NDT, endoscopy etc.
  • Pressure system surveys to advise on compliance with regulations
  • Production and certification of written schemes of examination
  • Our inspection, testing and certification work is scheduled and carried out to ensure minimum disruption, minimum downtime and maximum productivity
  • Qualified engineers and an independent, fully guaranteed, reliable and cost-competitive service ensure full compliance with the law and peace of mind.

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

Because NDT doesn’t damage the equipment being inspected, it is a highly useful way to verify manufacturing processes, troubleshoot quality issues, analyse components including welding and to assist in the research and development of new products.

  • Dye Penetrant Services (DPI): A widely used method of locating surface defects in non-porous materials. It can be used on all ferrous and non-ferrous materials (although magnetic-particle inspection is often preferred for ferrous surfaces). DPI can be used to locate defects in casting, forging and welding and to highlight hairline cracks, surface porosity, and fatigue cracks.
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI): A process for detecting surface and subsurface flaws in metals such as iron, nickel, cobalt and some of their alloys. It is carried out by creating a magnetic field, which reveals flaws on the surface and inside the metal. It can also be used to test for material stress and corrosion.
  • Ultrasonic Testing (UT): UT testing usually involves very short ultrasonic pulse-waves with centre frequencies ranging from 0.1-15 MHz, and occasionally up to 50 MHz, which are transmitted into a material to detect internal flaws or to characterise its makeup.

Load Testing

Our testing capabilities include: 

  • On site testing including proof loading of cranes, runway beams, lift shaft beams, anchor points and other lifting equipment 
  • Lifting equipment to meet any safety or quality standards 
  • Routine testing of lifting accessories such as chains, ropes and lifting adapters to destruction, if necessary 
  • Verification of SWL for all types of lifting appliances from cranes to winches 
  • Specially fabricated structures and beams 
  • Testing of ship anchors, mooring equipment and chain cables 
  • Floor, drainage, and barrier load testing.
"Ordering lifting accessories and arranging inspections is made simple by the efficient and can-do attitude of the Lloyds British Team. Nothing is too much trouble for them. One quick phone call is all it takes."
Adam De’Ath - South Canal and River Trust
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