Repairs, Servicing and Modernisation


As with all equipment, there is a responsibility under PUWER to ensure the items are properly maintained. This is particularly vital when considering safety-critical lifting equipment, which is also subject to regular inspections by a competent person under the LOLER regulations. 

Original equipment manufacturer, or OEM, designed parts are used in all repairs and refurbishment projects. Whether they’re products made by us, any items that are no longer available, or originally designed by others, our experienced design team re-engineer in accordance with the requirements and associated standards.

As original equipment designers and manufacturers of lifting, handling and manipulation equipment, Lloyds British is industry leaders in repairing and servicing bespoke equipment. Providing collection, strip down, clean and inspection as an initial offering, our in-house experts are also able to provide any necessary tests, such as non-destructive testing (NDT), proof load testing and certification. 

Upgrades, enhancements and modernisation packages can also be quoted through our Technical Team to ensure the equipment remains compliant with current regulations and utilises the latest technology for both performance and safe operation.

Servicing and repairing your equipment since 1812

With the help of our in-house design team with over 100 years of collective experience, with the combined power of Lloyds Somers & Rota, here at Lloyds British our team can provide you with:

  • Over 140 qualified inspectors across the UK who can inspect, maintain, and service bespoke below the hook attachments and general lifting gear.

  • Equipment that will be repaired is processed through our design department, recording the service history of your item, ensuring the equipment remains in compliance. 

  • Each item that is under repair is assessed to ensure that it complies with current regulations. 

  • An innovative team, who are constantly researching and testing the latest technologies on our equipment, future-proofing your item as we repair them.

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