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Under the 'Lloyds Somers' and 'Lloyds Rota brands', we are an industry-leading lifting equipment manufacturer. We have the ability to offer bespoke design, manufacture and refurbishment services for all types of lifting and handling equipment.

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The heritage of the Lloyds Somers business dates back over 200 years which originally evolved from the need to design and provide safe and robust lifting gear for self-use within a heavy forge.

This continuing evolution has resulted in Lloyds Somers achieving and maintaining its positon as one of the world’s leading suppliers of bespoke lifting equipment to the steel, aluminum, nuclear and rail industries.

The Lloyds Rota business was originally established in the 1980s and specialises in the design and supply of bespoke lifting equipment to the water, aerospace and offshore industries.

Lloyds Rota is well versed and experienced in adhering to the particularly stringent standards/requirements that need to be accommodated, over and above the normal British and European Standards, in these safety-critical industries.

Manufactured in the UK

All of our lifting solutions are manufactured in the UK and our design work is carried out in accordance with the relevant standards for the particular application. In addition to carrying out conventional stress and load calculations, Both Lloyds Somers and Lloyds Rota utilises the latest Finite Element Analysis Software to assess the suitability of complex components throughout the load path. This enables lean component design while maintaining the required integrity to achieve the duty and impact loadings throughout an item’s life cycle.

With this wealth of experience, if you are in need of a bespoke solution, our sales & design team will work with you to gain a deep understanding of the lifting and handling challenges facing your business. From there, we will develop a solution to help you move loads more efficiently, improve productivity and reduce the risk to operators & other employees.

 The main product fields in which we operate and can readily provide assistance include:

  • Slab handling for the metals industry
  • Coil and sheet handling for the metals Industry
  • Automatic gravity/scissor tongs
  • Tilting and rotation devices
  • Container handling and bespoke twistlock devices
  • Design consultancy and verification for all types of lifting equipment
  • Rail vehicle lifting, rail depot equipment, bogie handling & manipulation equipment.

  • Bespoke lifting equipment, ‘below the hook’ lifting devices and lifting solutions
  • Overhead cranes, gantry and monorail systems
  • Lifting beams, spreaders and lifting frames (to BS, DNV, & Norsok requirements)
  • Lifting davits and sockets
  • Jib cranes
  • Platforms and staircases
  • Reengineering, modernisation, repairs and servicing.
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