Cranes, Gantries & Monorails


Lloyds Rota specialises in the full spectrum of electric overhead travelling crane design and supply including free-standing gantry structures, installation, testing and commissioning.

Single girder, double girder, underslung and top running cranes up to 10 Tonnes SWL Capacity are available from our UK manufacturing facility in the West Midlands.

Lloyds Rota are experts in the provision of crane and monorail systems to the water industry which are predominantly for outdoor use, need to be corrosion resistant and designed with harsh environmental conditions in mind. 

The flexible approach to design along with the robust documentation and control procedures in place make Lloyds Rota one of the preferred suppliers of cranes, gantries and lifting equipment to all types of industries including Nuclear and Aerospace.

Creating a sustainable solution with Lloyds Rota

As part of the Lloyds British company, here at Lloyds Rota, we pride ourselves in creating long-term solutions to your problems with by:

  • Listening to our clients, collaborating to evolve and develop a product with you in mind.

  • Utilising our team's vast experience, ensuring all equipment is fit for purpose, designed to the appropriate duty rating & standards, providing you with years of trouble-free use.

  • Constantly reviewing our practices while incorporating beneficial and proven new technologies into our designs where relevant.
Find your ideal crane with Lloyds Rota

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