Twistlock Handling Solutions


As a development of the traditional Lloyds British Automatic and Semi-Automatic Container Handling Spreader Beams, Lloyds Somers has developed and provided many bespoke twistlock lifting devices. These include automatic handling of high risk, non-standard containers, to a multitude of industries such as nuclear, geological, recycling & steel. The devices utilise proven twistlock technology with both mechanical and electronic interlocks to ensure safe and repeatable operation. 

The twistlock mechanisms are made as cassettes and include the twistlock housing, spring-loaded landing pin, anti-rotation interlock plates and proximity sensors for ease of maintenance and to facilitate inclusion in a variety of frame sizes to suit the positioning of the twistlock castings in the component to be handled.

Lloyds Somers: Creating bespoke solutions since 1866

By ordering a bespoke solution with Lloyds British, we will ensure:

  • That our design team, with over 100 years of combined experience, helps create the perfect solution for you and your team.

  • That we create a solution that not only works but works for you and your team, creating a product that will ease your problems. 

  • We utilise the latest technology, helping your solution to stay as technologically relevant as possible.

  • All of our designs are manufactured to the relevant British Standards, LOLER and UKCA guidelines and regulations.
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