Design, Manufacturing and Refurbishment

Under the 'Somers' and 'Rota' brands, Lloyds British is an industry leading lifting
equipment manufacturer with the ability to design, refurbish and manufacture
all types of standard or bespoke solutions.

Our design team will work with you to gain a deep understanding of the lifting and handling  challenges facing your business. From there, we will develop a bespoke solution to help you move loads more efficiently, improve productivity and reduce the risk to operators and other employees.

All of our lifting solutions are manufactured in the UK, and all design work is completed in the latest CAD modelling system so load stresses can be simulated and analysed before manufacture. This allows us to calculate stress and material deflection within a design to ensure it meets the relevant standards.

Lloyds British lifting equipment and material handling solutions all comply with the Machinery Directive and all other relevant legislation and standards. Our manufactured products will be delivered with full CE marking, a copy of the Declaration of Conformity, copies of instructions for use, and be fully compliant.

The list below illustrates the type of lifting and handling equipment that we can design and manufacture.

  • Bespoke lifting and handling equipment
  • Rail vehicle lifting and depot handling equipment
  • Cranes and monorails
  • Gantry frames and hoists
  • Lifting beams and frames
  • Platforms and staircases
  • Rota davits and sockets
  • Swing jibs
  • Tongs and grabs
  • Bogie handling equipment
  • Coil handling
  • Tilters and rotators

For any Design, Manufacturing and Refurbishment enquiries, please contact, Steve Reece, Director on 0121 506 4650 or 07836 200 639. Alternatively, email him direct at: