Modernisation and Refurbishment

Modernisation and refurbishment 

Our modernisation and refurbishment services include: 

•    Replacement of steel work, crab units, hoists and ancillary lifting devices 
•    Installation and replacement of operational and safety critical devices such as
radio control systems, conductors, anti-collision devices, emergency limits switches, slow down limiters, and invertor controls. 
•    New wire rope crabs and chain hoist replacements for your existing for your existing cranes


Lifting and solutions for ageing cranes 

•    Improved reliability & safety by introducing state of the art technology & components
•    Lower maintenance costs 
•    Total customer satisfaction, ensuring year on year reliability

No matter what manufacture or age of the crane, Our Technical Service Division can engineer a solution to meet your production and budget requirements. With the new technology available to us, modernisation and performance enhancement will extend the useful life of the Crane at affordable.  Costs and time scales to suit your demands. 

Remote controls for labour cost saving and improved shop floor safety.

Where the operator of a machine can be moved to a safer, more efficient location, Portable Remote Controls have helped prevent serious injury while increasing efficiency and productivity for many Industries. Lloyds British Testing is leading the way with technological innovation, experience and quality backed by an unparalleled worldwide service organisation. Most remote control applications are built around one of our core products. For specialised applications, we have engineered our core systems with specific features to meet these requirements.