Crane Services

Crane Services

Lloyds British provides a wide range of services on cranes including preventative maintenance packages, supply and installation of new crane solutions, modernisation and refurbishment of existing cranes to extend the service cycle.
Our crane and modernisation services are designed to ensure that cranes and hoists achieve their designed Safe Working Period (SWP), which is typically 10 years. 

Our highly qualified technical managers will work with you to carry out a site evaluation and provide a bespoke crane package to suit the needs of your business based on site conditions and working environment. 

We have a nationwide team of crane engineers to respond to your requirements. Spare parts available thorough us are sourced directly from the crane OEM.

The benefits of our crane services are:

•    Bespoke inspection and maintenance programme based on the condition
       of the equipment
•    Increased productivity and reduced breakdowns 
•    Improved life cycle to provide optimum returns on capital investments 
•    Safer and more efficient methods of lifting 
•    Compliance with legislation and regulations. 

The types of equipment that we provide support for are: 

•    Overhead cranes 
•    Gantry cranes 
•    Pillar jib cranes 
•    Chain hoist
•    Wire rope hoist
•    Open winch
•    Custom built cranes