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Lloyds British depots on the move

- 2017-04-19

As part of the Lloyds British and Speedy integration, there have been some changes to our depots over the last few months.

The first team to move were the Training and Admin team from our previous offices to the Speedy NDC in Tamworth. They are now happily settled in with the rest of the Speedy team in their new home. 

Some depots have remained in their existing locations, operating as normal; these are our Glasgow, Newcastle, Swindon, Wednesbury and Whitehaven teams.

We have however moved some of our offices to a local Speedy depot to operate jointly from the one central location.

The relocated offices are as follows:

Dartford (new address)
Doncaster (previously Rotherham)
Plymouth (new address)
Port Talbot (previously Swansea)
Southampton (new address)
Warrington (previously Wigan)

The new addresses of each of these locations can be found here

For any other general queries please contact lloydsbritish@speedyservices.com