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Lloyds British Training Services - the Leading Training Provider

November 03, 2010

When I.T.T., the worlds leading supplier of submersible pumps and mixers need to organise safety training for its' workforce, it is no surprise that they choose the worlds leading safety training provider, Lloyds British Training Services.

With an unrivalled reputation for achieving both learning outcomes and improved safety in the work place, Lloyds British will be training the operational staff of ITT in dedicated lifting activities tailored to their specific activities and environments.

The decision to appoint Lloyds British was very straightforward, as very few training providers have the expertise and experience to deliver training across so many workplace sectors.

Steve Downing, Training Director for the Lloyds British Group said "our achievements and track record of working closely with our partners in the utility sector helped our client make the right choice in selecting Lloyds British Training to conduct this training programme and our reputation as a customer focussed Training Group will ensure that training courses are delivered to the highest standard, every time".