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Lloyds British Testing Dubai - in Afghanistan

September 16, 2010

Lloyds British Testing Dubai have just successfully completed a mobile crane training course in Camp Bastion - Afghanistan. Amid the usual daily expectations surrounding Camp Bastion, the Dubai Lloyds British Testing branch successfully delivered a 5 day mobile crane operators course to 'Supreme Fuel Trading FZE' who are based within Camp Bastion - Afghanistan. Their role is to supply, distribute and carry out refuelling to our armed forces in the war torn zone.

Nick Bowes the Health and Safety Manager of 'Supreme Fuels Trading FZE' was more than impressed with the quality and professionalism of our instructor (Mike Lumsden) and the delivery of the training that he his now looking to secure future Training, Inspections and Testing for the Lloyds British Dubai branch.

This has been a great opportunity for Lloyds British Testing and the Dubai branch to show the quality of their instructors capabilities overseas to areas where our competitors refuse to tread.