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Lifting Equipment (Accessories) Inspection Course - To Thorough Examination 3 day course

Duration of course - 3 days

Course Content


  • Identification of Materials and Quality Marks
  • Stress Strain Elongation and Permanent Set in Lifting Equipment

Lifting Equipment Thorough Examination:

  • Chain - Wear, Stretch and Corrosion- Replacement of Parts
  • Wire Rope - Wear, Stretch, Corrosion, Broken Wires
  • Fibre Ropes
  • Eyebolts and Shackles
  • Hooks and Rings
  • Chain Sling Assembly
  • Manual Chain Blocks
  • Lever Hoists
  • Jacks: Defamation, wear
  • Harnesses and Lanyards 

Visual Inspection:

  • Chain blocks -lever hoists - tirfors 

Methods of Testing:

  • Proof Load Testing
  • Determining Safe Work Load

  • Factors of Safety
  • Destructive and Non-Destructive Testing
  • The Role of the Competent Person
  • Vernier Caliper (Manual and Digital)

Reporting Procedures:

  • Lifting Equipment Registers
  • Test Certificates
  • Course summary and close


To teach internal company authorised inspectors the criteria for Lifting (Accessories) Equipment Inspection.


On completion of the course, the delegates will know:

  • Their statutory duties under the Health & Safety Act 1974
  • The methods of Inspection of Lifting Equipment
  • The rejection criteria for Lifting Equipment Inspection
  • The relationship between Proof Load and Safe Work Load
  • The requirements of Test Certificates and Registers

Designed for : Internal Company Authorised Inspectors